Our Story

     In 1957 a group of people from Christian Churches across Western Kansas pooled their resources, signed a lease with the federal government, and began construction of a new camp on the north shore of Cedar Bluff Reservoir. Cedar Bluff Christian Service Camp would go on to minister to youth and adults alike for nearly 50 years. 

     In 2004 the leadership of Cedar Bluff Christian Service Camp realized that the future of the camp and its potential was limited only by its inability to expand on its current property. With a sense of determination and vision they set out to find a place to continue their rich tradition with excellence. They set their eyes on an older abandoned camp located on the southeast shore of Webster Lake near Stockton, Kansas. In 2005 they reorganized to become Lakeview Christian Camp and begin ministering to kids again for the first time that summer.

     Now our story continues, and we'd love for you to be a part of it!