Our Mission

       Our mission at Lakeview Christian Camp is to “Change Lives… One Student at a Time.” We pursue and accomplish this mission at Lakeview by being “Gospel driven”. This means that every game we play, every talk we have, every song we sing, and everything we do is meant to glorify our Father, exemplify Jesus, and challenge the Holy Spirit to move inside of all who are involved. We have a climbing wall and a zip line. We play octoball, carpetball, volleyball, 9-square, and swim. We have many games that we play at night before we have a "God moment" at campfire. No matter what activity one is involved in, or lesson one is a part of, it is all inspired by and driven by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

our vision

     Our vision at Lakeview is to grow in the number of people reached for Christ. We envision our camp being open and accessible to more people including those who have special needs.