Executive Director

Brian Barr

My name is Brian Barr. I grew up in a very small town in North Carolina called Jamesville. I spent my time as a young child outside exploring the fields and flooded timbers around our home. Our house was just under a mile from our church Poplar Chapel, which was very convenient because I absolutely loved being there not only with my friends but I also enjoyed seeing and serving the older adults. I spent many afternoons and Saturdays at widows’ homes doing chores for them, or even better, sitting at their tables eating cake listening to stories of the good ol days.


After I graduated from Jamesville High School, I attended Martin Community College where I studied Electrical/Electronics Technology. My lovely mother raised my twin brothers and myself on her on, so we did not have a lot of money. I worked as a carpenter to put myself through college and continued in the trade afterwards. Through the years at Poplar Chapel, the youth program dwindled down to nothing. This saddened me! I saw that the youth in my community were going down the wrong paths, and had no other influence than that of the world. So I started the youth program up. On the first Sunday afternoon I had 4 kids, and within a month I had 35 kids and 15 volunteers. In 2008, I had a gentleman approach me and tell me that him and many others see God at work in me, and that if I felt the calling, I would have a full ride to Mid Atlantic Christian University (Roanoke Bible College at the time). After my schooling at MACU, I transitioned into the Preacher at Poplar Chapel, my home church.


My summers as a youth were filled with working in tobacco fields, and attending Camp. Roanoke Christian Service Camp had a major impact on my life. I was always right at home when I was at camp, either as a camper or counselor. For the past several years I have been a part of Camp Rainbow. This is a camp for adults with special needs. This is where I meet my beautiful wife! She had an uncle that had downs syndrome. Kate and my friendship grew into a great love. So I moved to Gloucester, Virginia and married her! Our first and only son was born this past Christmas Eve! God has blessed us tremendously.


I have lived in Zimbabwe, Africa on mission, and also Fort Thompson, SD on an Indian Reservation serving the Sioux.

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THANK YOU to our amazing Lakeview 2021 Staff including Traci, Queen of the rock wall, Bre, the one who does it all, our fabulous cook Andee, Jasmine, the lifesaving lifeguard, Myah, the fire starter and uke player, and the wonderful Nurse Kelly

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