Executive Director

Brian Barr

My name is Brian Barr. I grew up in a very small town in North Carolina called Jamesville. I spent my time as a young child outside exploring the fields and flooded timbers around our home. Our house was just under a mile from our church Poplar Chapel, which was very convenient because I absolutely loved being there not only with my friends but I also enjoyed seeing and serving the older adults. I spent many afternoons and Saturdays at widows’ homes doing chores for them, or even better, sitting at their tables eating cake listening to stories of the good ol days.


After I graduated from Jamesville High School, I attended Martin Community College where I studied Electrical/Electronics Technology. My lovely mother raised my twin brothers and myself on her on, so we did not have a lot of money. I worked as a carpenter to put myself through college and continued in the trade afterwards. Through the years at Poplar Chapel, the youth program dwindled down to nothing. This saddened me! I saw that the youth in my community were going down the wrong paths, and had no other influence than that of the world. So I started the youth program up. On the first Sunday afternoon I had 4 kids, and within a month I had 35 kids and 15 volunteers. In 2008, I had a gentleman approach me and tell me that him and many others see God at work in me, and that if I felt the calling, I would have a full ride to Mid Atlantic Christian University (Roanoke Bible College at the time). After my schooling at MACU, I transitioned into the Preacher at Poplar Chapel, my home church.


My summers as a youth were filled with working in tobacco fields, and attending Camp. Roanoke Christian Service Camp had a major impact on my life. I was always right at home when I was at camp, either as a camper or counselor. For the past several years I have been a part of Camp Rainbow. This is a camp for adults with special needs. This is where I meet my beautiful wife! She had an uncle that had downs syndrome. Kate and my friendship grew into a great love. So I moved to Gloucester, Virginia and married her! Our first and only son was born this past Christmas Eve! God has blessed us tremendously.


I have lived in Zimbabwe, Africa on mission, and also Fort Thompson, SD on an Indian Reservation serving the Sioux.

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