Challenge Camp (Grades 10-12 boys)

This camp is for 10th though 12th grade boys who want to be challenged in their faith. This will provide teenage boys with a camp experience that pushes them past their physical, mental, and spiritual limits of what they thought they were capable of and calls them out into Authentic Christian Manhood.

challenge camp - $150

July 26-28, 2024

Dean:  phil henrickson




Basic Camp INformation

Directions to Camp:

-We are located one mile south of the Webster Lake Dam on Highway 258.

-Our address: 1380 10 Road, Stockton, KS 67669

-Look for the Lakeview entrance sign on the south side of the road.


Registration begins at 2:00 pm in front of the Lodge. (Park in the lot between the Lodge and Kitchen.) Please do not bring your campers prior to that time, as there will be no early check-ins. Drivers should allow up to one hour for the check-in process, and drivers are responsible for the students until the check-in process is completed for all students. Please do not leave your students unattended during the registration period. If your student will arrive later that 5pm on the first day of camp, please contact the director prior to the beginning of camp. No fee adjustments can be made for late arrivals.


Camper pick up is at 5:30 on the final day of camp. Campers must be picked up by the person listed on the registration form or a parent/guardian. A sack lunch will be given to each camper as campers leave. Campers may not leave until the Dean officially dismisses camp, usually after a final prayer time.

What to Bring:

-Clothes for the week (no laundry available)

-Water Clothes

-Tennis Shoes (2 pairs if possible)

-Workout Clothes (2 sets)

-Long pants

-Sleeping Clothes

-Sleeping Bag & Pillow



-Bible, Notebook, Folder, and Pen


-Sunscreen & Bug Spray

What NOT to Bring:

-iPad, tablet, handheld electronic games, or any other electronics

-Tobacco, alcohol, or drugs (all medication must be turned into nurse during registration)


-Guns, knives, or weapons of any kind (real or toy)

-Skateboard, skates, or roller blades

-Fireworks, matches, or lighters

-Candy, food, or drinks (no food allowed in cabins; campers will be given snacks each day)

-Money not intended for offering or snack shack

-Valuable cameras or other items as the camp is not responsible for loss or damage

-Any items that could be a distraction for campers or present a safety concern

Dress Code:

Modesty is key. No spaghetti straps, tight shirts, bare midriffs, tight or short shorts, saggy pants, exposed undergarments, bikinis, or speedos.

Spending Money:

Students will need to bring additional money for the snack shack, which will be open multiple times a day. They can also bring money to donate to the week’s missionary if they choose to do so.  Everything else is included in the registration fees!


Visitors to camp MUST check-in with the Executive Director or Dean upon arrival and complete a background check if they intend to stay. Visitors must agree to abide by all camp rules and regulations and can be asked to leave at any time for any reason. A donation of $5 per meal is requested for each visitor. All visitors must leave the campus by 10pm each evening. 

Early Departures/Mid-Week Activities:

Should your camper need to leave camp early, or leave the campus at any time prior to the official ending of the camp, he or she MUST be signed out by a parent/guardian with the Dean or Executive Director. If someone other than a parent/guardian will be picking up the student, a signed note must be presented at the time of check-in. Students will not be allowed to leave with a non-parent/guardian unless a parent/guardian can be contacted. There will be no fee adjustments based on early departures.


Campers LOVE to get mail. We are located in a rural area, so allow 2-3 days of extra processing time for us to receive your letters or packages. (You may send items early.) Remember that no food or drinks are allowed in the cabins, so please do not send those types of items. We will do our best to get your camper his/her mail, but it is not always possible. Send your mail to: 


If a student is homesick, efforts will be made to redirect the student to the fun activities going on at camp. Should a child continue to be homesick, at the Dean or Executive Director's discretion, a phone call may be made to the student's parent/guardian listed on the registration form. Further action will be made based on that conversation.  If you don't hear from us, everything is going great!

Additional Questions:

If you have additional questions, please contact our director at or 785-302-8073.