god is on the move!

Our vision at Lakeview is to grow in the number of people reached for Christ. We envision our camp being open and accessible to more people including those who have special needs. Right now, we are restricted in the number of people that we can serve in our Dining Hall. In fact, there have been times that groups have had to eat in shifts. Our goal is to “feed” as many people the Gospel, and when we have to separate to feed the body, there is a problem. Our solution is to build a new Dining Hall. This has been talked about since the property was purchased, and we are finally moving forward. This new dining hall will seat up to 200 people. We will have an up to date kitchen, with a brand new walk-in freezer, new bathrooms that meet ADA standards, and a nurse’s station that will help centralize service for our students. The building will be a solid-core, high efficiency metal building that will blend in well with the existing buildings at our camp. The cost of the new Dining Hall is $204,808.

There are many people in our surrounding area that are restricted to wheelchairs. Those individuals who are restricted that come to Lakeview Christian Camp do not have easy access and mobility to and around our facilities. There are no ADA bathrooms, and our sidewalks are asphalt crumbles, which makes moving around camp nearly impossible. Our solution is to put additions on each of our cabins for bathrooms, and remove the asphalt crumbles and pour concrete sidewalks. The bathroom additions will do 3 great things in helping us move forward with our mission and our vision; 1. It will increase the number of toilets for each of our cabins. 2. It will allow Lakeview to serve those with special needs, because all bathrooms will meet ADA standards, and 3. It will give an opportunity in the future to put additional rooms on our cabins. The cost of the bathroom additions is $106,142. The cost of the sidewalks is $12,000.

We are truly excited about God being on the move at Lakeview! We pray that you help us to reach our goal of raising $322,950. 

The red square is where the new Dining Hall will be located.

This is a blueprint of the new dining hall